Brand Identity & Environmental Graphics
​​​​​​​Previously called Sushi Pearl, this restaurant is one of the best in Portugal Sushi wise. Lead by the chef André Pau, the concept of the real Japanese experience gets as truly as it can be, since André and his team often travel to Japan to understand and bring to the costumer the original Japanese experience.
Keeping the cultural influence in the logo.
Sushi with style.
This sushi restaurant was built from scratch out of a curiosity to discover new flavors and an exploration for unique sushi recipes. Importing the main guidelines from Japanese cuisine, and giving a contemporary twist, this restaurant as revolution the way people in Faro eat sushi. Starting with a tasting menu where you can pair the best drinks with the best sushi, you can also have the ultimate experience where you’re seat with the chef while e cooks and explains the history of the dishes. This is not just going out to eat, this is a tasteful way of traveling.
Creative Director
Bruno Fonseca​​​​​​​

Ivo Santos
Ruben Caeiro
Graphic Design
Roberto Reigado​​​​​​​

Interior Design
PLAN Associated Architects
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