Olhos d'Água
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Olhos d'Água is a delightful Portuguese fishing town situated in the heart of the beautiful Algarve. This peaceful town is centered around a sandy cove, where fishing boats are moored on the golden sands and old fishermen tend their nets in huts that line the shore.
Monogram of O and A resembling a fish
Catching the wave (of tourism)
In the latest decades, the “boom” of tourism in Portugal generated a massive development in the Algarve region with giant private investment in hotels and resorts taking advantage of the weather and the best shoreline locations. This attracted nearly 5 million people per year just to the region of Algarve. With that in mind, Olhos d’Água (located in Albufeira, known as the “Capital of Tourism”) implemented a strategy to manage and market the tourism in the village (until then it was the state that mainly did this work).
The salt, the sun, the south.
The starting point was to show this this small village is a paradise for families and retired couples, with a population of just under 1500 people, this place offers everything you need for a peaceful retreat: sun, beach, restaurants, markets, golf courses, kids park, and many others. Also, the strong connection with the fishing past is steel very present, with small fishing boats arriving every day with fresh fish that is sold right away to the restaurant and locals.
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