Brand Identity & Environmental Graphics
An intimate, sophisticated restaurant, where emotions, identity & knowledge of Portuguese traditions enrich contemporary cuisine for a truly memorable experience led by chef Nelson Candeias.
Located at The Four Seasons Fairways Clubhouse in the prestigious Quinta do Lago Resort.
Serif font influenced by calligraphy and hand lettering.
The name comes from an ancient tale.
Legend has it that when Algarve was still young, a king fell in love with a Nordic princess. They got married and the king loved her very much. So when he noticed the princess was growing sadder with each passing day, he resolved to find out what was causing this melancholia. According to the tale, an elder told him that the Nordic princess missed seeing the snow she was so used to in her home country. The king ordered that thousands of almond trees be planted outside the palace so that when they were in bloom, she would look out her window and see the landscape covered in white flowers, giving the appearance of freshly fallen snow. The princess was cured of her sadness almost immediately.

Amara means "loved". Just like the king presented the Algarve in a different light, to welcome and delight his love, Amara serves contemporary cuisine with a portuguese twist, creating something new and memorable over traditional roots. Amara presents food with a passion to see its customers happy - just like the prince. It helps enrich knowledge of Portuguese culture with food and storytelling. The things that we truly love stay with us forever in happy memories... family, food and wine.
Creative Director
Bruno Fonseca

Brand Strategist
Maria Nobre Carvalho

Graphic Design
Roberto Reigado
Benjamin Fowler

Project Manager
Teresa Lemos
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