Algarve Athletics Association
Brand Identity & Web Design
​​​​​​​Algarve Athletics Association is the official body that regulates everything related to running in the region. Acting in every field from Track & Field to Trail Running, its main purpose is to coordinate all the events, clubs, and athletes, making sure the sport keeps as truth and fair as it should be.
Each line represents a letter from the initial.
Faster, higher, longer.
​​​​​​​With the implementation of all sort of technology in the sport and being the AAAlg leading the way for several years, did not make too much sense communicating with a strategy and graphics from 1963. With that in mind, the idea was to create a modern approach with simplicity, flexibility, and interaction. The final result had the 3 A’s representing track lines in a clean and simplistic way. The font used in the communication goes in the same line as the logo keeping a coherent design throughout the several platforms. Those same lines were then used to create the graphics for print and digital pieces.
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